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    another pic! four in one month! iím on a roll here. oh, a link to another version of the pic.

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    Iíve put up some works-in-progress for reasons i wonít bore you with. the final pieces should be up before long. er, before too long, i should say.

    11/05/05: whee, iím on a roll here... two pics in as many weeks. wanna see if i can make it three for three? tune in next week!

    link to another version of the pic

    03/05/05: Gaahhhhhhh!!!!!...I....Live!!!! well, if youíre gonna be late, might as well do it properly. whatís that, now? six months? seven? er...eight? hey, iíve been busy. My job at Vis Entertainment has come to an end (along with just about everything else at Vis...), so iíve got lots of time to get some new pics finished off. Expect some more to follow soon, possibly even this year...

    13/09/04: Another month, another pic...oops. Late again. This isnít turning into a good ad for my time keeping skills....I got an excuse though: I gots me a job! A real one, with pay aní everything! whee! at last, iíll have the funds to turn this miserable site into a world-dominating behemoth!...well, as soon as i save up enough for Flash, that is...

    20/08/04: There ya go: another pic in the gallery. I had to rush this one out real quick-like for reasons that I wonít go into.

    17/08/04: New pic up in the Gallery...Okay, the plan was One New Pic In The Gallery Every Week At Least Guaranteed Or Your Money Back, but seeing how itís been nearly two weeks since i last posted that idea seems to have gone out the window. Tell you what: next week Iíll put up two pics. honest.

    05/08/04: Blimey, thatís nearly a month gone by...sorry for not posting stuff up sooner, but

    A) iím busy looking for work,

    B) iím fat and lazy,

    C) nobody actually visits this site anyway.

    ...if you are reading this then you are merely a statistical anomaly. However, for my own amusement   iíve put up another pic in the gallery, plus a couple of movies. More stuff coming soon! (relatively soon, anyway)


    09/07/04: Whatís new? Everthingís new!(again)...Iíve spent the last week or so trying to get my portfolio together, and now, as foretold by the ancient ones: Lo! the hour has come! My portfolio is ready to send off. fame and fortune await, or at least a regular salary. But, as i was putting together my showreel it was brought to my attention that all my pictures were just a wee touch on the light side. ah blast... the gamma setting on my ancient monitor is all screwed up. but wait...wouldnít that mean...oh no! the website! my precious website! itís....too....light!! To cut a long and tedious story short, iíve darkened down me website a bit. Feel free to download any pictures you may of downloaded again, again. They look much better now, honest.

    Also! iíve added this whatís new section. i get to drone on about stuff and no-one can stop me, a-hahaha!

    Also! to compensate for this iíve stuck three more pics up in the gallery. Itís not much, but itís all yer getting.


    27/06/04: Whatís new? Everythingís new! Itís a new website!