These people make me feel warm and safe and happy. Visit their sites, and you could feel warm and safe and happy too.


    My pal Jono’s homepage. all round super hoopy frood. Has some small talent at music, too.


    My pal Paul Richards’ online sketchbook...he’s okay too, i guess.



    My pal Andy Trabbold’s site. Not too bad.


    My pal Vinod’s page. I suppose it’s alright if you like that sort of thing.


    My pal Kurt Richards’ site. Er...yeah, this isn’t too bad, either.


    My pal Isaac Owens’ site. He bestrides the world like a colossus. Fear him.


    My pal Dave McDermott’s site. Photos of things.


    My pal Jeff Moy’s site. Jeff: The Man. The Art. The Legend.


    My pal Jason Kane’s site. FOR GOD’S SAKE UPDATE THIS SITE. tsk...he’s worse than me.


    My pal Mike Cawood’s site. Last seen cavorting with penguins. Current whereabouts unknown.