Paintings straight from my brain into your home. At no extra cost!

All these were painted using good ole photoshop 5.0. ahh...who needs CS?



These next three pics were done as concepts for a video game proposal.....basically various ideas for your bog-standard Temple Of Evil. Skulls and spikes were pretty much the order of the day here.



Concept for an abandoned computer game.



Concept for an abandoned computer game.


In Progress - A Match Made in Hell

At first Lady Kraya thought she might be in just the tiniest spot of trouble, but soon enough she had Krog-Yogoroth, Demon Lord of the Underworld, eating out of the palm of her hand.


In Progress - Mind Those Claws...

Dragons, eh? Sure, they’re cute when they’ve just hatched, but after a few months and they’ve grown up a bit they can be a right handful. er...armful...


In Progress - Geomancer

The geomancer has mastery of the earth elements: with a word he can rip the ground from under the feet of his foes, unleash an avalanche to sweep away an entire army or rain down fiery destruction with a magma geyser. Also a handy person to have around the garden: spot of weeding? not a problem.

...And You Must  Be The Bad Guys

Well, well. it's been quite some time since we've had a prisoner as lovely as you in our clutches. Really, how long must it of been, Scrug? There was that bounty-hunter, back in the war on Zumbla VII...and before her, what, oooo....gosh, we must be going all the way back to princess Yoolaa way back in the last millennium. ah, you don't get many prisoners like good old Yoolaa...fiesty, haughty, the whole kit and kaboodle. right classy, she was.

          Ah, but enough with the pleasantries, eh? To business! ahem...tell me where you've hidden the Time Crystal, or i'll have your friends here thrown into the lava pit!

          See...that wasn't so bad now, was it?

Escape From Spacewreck City

Calla shrugged and slipped her grav-goggles back on. "Once we've got the Source located all we gotta do is mosey-on down to the bike park, snatch a speeder and pow! we're away!"

Sim didn't seem convinced. "We run into any pursuit drones and we're good as toast, you know."

          He hefted the AP pistol. "This thing's only got few charges left."

          "Aw, man. It'll be a cakewalk. If we cut down through the Trashtown gullies we'll be out of the range of the drones in no time. After that it's a quick dash through Shatterstone Canyon and we're home free!" She grinned. "What could possibly go wrong?"

Bomb’s Away!

True, the Fortress is impregnable to large scale attack, but we think a small group of fighters may be able to penetrate the outer defences. By maneuvering down this canyon you should be able to reach this sewage port. It's heavily shielded so you'll have to use sling-bombs, but a precise hit will start a chain reaction that should destroy the Citadel.

          hmm. it's an interesting set-up, but i can't shake the feeling i've heard it somewhere before...anyway, here ya go: your standard dragon/chocobo sling-bomb rig, good for last ditch attack runs against vastly overwhelming forces. negative, negative! it just impacted on the surface...


Okay, at first glance Carlos here might look like your typical space know: foul mouth, bad temper, disrespect for authority yada yada, but what you don’t know is that in addition to the loose-cannon hit-the-planet-hard nuke-the-site-from-orbit-it’s-the-only-way-to-be-sure attitude he’s good with kids, likes cooking and does a lot of work for charity in his spare time. what a guy.

That’s My Boy

An inspired choice, son. That there’s the Krixl Industries N-950 Phased Plasma Assult Rifle... That little baby’s got enough grunt to level a Galcore city block, yet she’s precise enough to take out the primary brain-pustule on a Juraxxian Carnodile at 200 paces, yessiree, she’s got good looks and brains. Self-repair and Autokleen functions, 20,000 shots between major services, guaranteed to keep you alive in any circumstance, or your money back!

In The Ruins...Again

This was the state of the pic about 30-40 mins before completion. I wasn’t too happy with the lighting on the character and how she sat aginst the background, so i added lots of glare and darkened down the foreground. i added some underlighting from the raygun and gave her some glowy eyes....that’d be the full-spectrum autoargetting retinal implants then. or something.

In The Ruins

The first new pic for quite a while...and suprise! It’s a scantily-clad girl with a gun! Good to see some diversity there, nick.


Galaxy’s Most Wanted

Bugaboo Studios was a computer games company that me and some of my mates set up late last year.This was the cover to a proposal we submitted to publishers, hoping to get funding to turn it into a full game.


Cyborg Sentry

This is the kind of employee we here at HQ are looking for to provide routine guard services and participate in the occasional light search-and-destroy mission. If you think you have the spirit, determination and people-skills to hunt down and eliminate our most obstinate enemies, then contact our recruitment department today!


Jedi Escape

You’re too late Jedi scum! That Sith infiltration team is away and there ain’t nothing you can do about it!

Who’s been playing Knights of the Old Republic far too much? Yup, it’s me.


This pic is kinda inspired by Iain M Banks’ sci-fi heroines...that’s my take on a Culture drone hovering in the background. This pic isn’t quite finished yet, but it’s been too long since i posted anything, so up it goes. Like anyone cares...


Turn Left at Aldebaran

Sometime in the future, a group of travellers are marooned on a desolate planet. Original concept, huh?  One day i might just get around to doing a comic based on this pic. But not today... (no, today i’m working on my website, duh...)



Girls with guns. If there’s anyone out there that needs pictures of girls with guns, Masamune Shirow’s your man. if he’s too expensive and/or busy - hey! why not give me a try?


Final Phase

It’s happened to us all: one moment you’re peacefully floating around in lunar orbit, then blam! the Earth explodes in a wave of green flame. typical. probably those damn scientists again...



Dealing with crazed robot mutants, lesson 1 of 1: RUN AWAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!



Giant flying bird monsters. everyone’ll be using them to get around on in the future. trust me on this.


Control Chair

Ah, i love huge motorised control chairs. with multiple viewscreens and glowy bits. watch out for robo-paratrooper droids trying to take over, though.


Well, not animations as such, but movies of some models i built using Maya. proper animations will follow in the fullness of time. Unfortuately Maya PLE slaps a great big watermark all over any rendering you do, but hey, it’s free...and until i scrape together enough cash to buy the shiny full version, it’s all you’re gonna get.

All the movies are a smidgen over 1 Megabyte.


Harley Alien

He seems quite annoyed about something. I can’t imagine what: if i had a cool hover bike like that...with spikes on, no less!...i’d be in hog heaven (no pun intended)




She’s half girl and half cat. hence the name.





She’s half Bee and half Key, hence the, that doesn’t work...Becks here and Harley up top were part of a sadly abortive attempt at making a computer game with a bunch of my friends. Hi guys!